Dubai-Based Tuner Specializes in Covering Cars with Thousands of Shiny Coins

On the streets of Dubai and Abu Dhabi it is very hard to make your car stand out, even if you are driving the latest Porsche, Ferrari or Lambo. With the countless other expensive rides lining the streets, doing a little something extra to stop traffic has reached new heights.

A Dubai-based car tuning company called Cars Coin has found a way to make customers’ vehicles “shine as if they were made of diamonds.”

How do they do this?

They simply cover the cars in tens of thousands of modern and antique coins. Although people in UAE most likely aren’t short on cash, to ensure that people don’t try and steal the coins from this flashy masterpiece, the company used coins that are no longer in circulation.

Photos of their latest creation, a 2013 Range Rover covered in more than 57,412 old Dirham coins have been making the rounds on the internet.

The artists that work at Cars Coin typically spend a few weeks working on just one car to glue each coin by hand to its body. They even make sure to include flags of the various Arab countries on the vehicles and cover the windows with posters of their leaders.

This blinged-out SUV isn’t their only accomplishment, either. In 2011, they showed off a Mercedes Benz G55 AMG, which was covered in 47,000 shiny currency.

We highly doubt any of you would be interested in having your cars covered with coins , but if you are – the guys over at Cars Coin are available for commission work. They can make any dream a reality.