Casey Kasem Hospitalized, Wife Throws Raw Meat at His Daughter

Seriously? We can’t make this stuff up.

Casey Kasem’s wife, Jean Kasem, threw raw hamburger meat at his daughter Kerri Kasem on Sunday — because Kerri was attempting to take the radio legend and cartoon voice actor to a hospital.

NBC News reported:

On Sunday, Kerri Kasem arrived at the home with an ambulance to take Casey Kasem to a hospital, but paramedics were not allowed inside the Silverdale residence. A few minutes later, someone inside the home called 911, and a second ambulance and fire truck arrived. After the fire truck was called away to an emergency, Jean Kasem, 59, walked downstairs and threw a pound of raw hamburger meat at Kerri. The paramedics were finally able to go inside and pick up Casey Kasem.

Why hamburger meat? Jean told NBC News that she was following a King James Bible verse. “In the name of King David, I threw a piece of raw meat into the street in exchange for my husband to the wild rabid dogs,” she said.

In case you missed the back story of the sad Kasem family feud, a Los Angeles judge ruled last month that Kerri Kasem should be in charge of her father’s medical care — because Jean’s lawyer didn’t know where the wife had taken him. It was eventually revealed that he was in Washington state. Last week, Kerri testified at a hearing  that a doctor hired by Jean Kasem revealed her father had developed bed sores and infections in his lungs and bladder while in Washington. On Friday a Washington judge upheld the previous ruling.

Casey is reportedly at a nearby hospital.