Elderly Woman Arrested for Kidnapping Neighbor’s Cats & Making Fur Coats

EDITOR’S NOTE: It was revealed in January 2015 that this original story was a hoax that went viral.

According to Snopes.com:

The claim was upsetting to many social media users, but thankfully for cat fanciers, World News Daily Report is one of many fake news outlets known to fabricate outrageous stories in the hopes Facebook users will pass the tales on to friends. A reverse image search of the picture appended to the article revealed it to have been lifted from a 2013 news story about the arrest of a 79-year-old Georgia woman named Norma Cheren on charges unrelated to cats.

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Original Story from December 2014

An 85-year-old woman in Waco, Texas has been been arrested for allegedly kidnapping neighbor’s cats and making them into fur coats.

Local residents couldn’t figure out where their cats were disappearing, so one or more residents decided to hire a private investigator. Some even thought they saw their own cats as a part of her fur coats. Eventually, the investigator successfully videotaped the woman stealing a neighbor’s cat.

According to World News Daily Reportthe woman admitted in court that she tried to raise her own cats, but became too attached to them.

Prior to being caught on tape, the woman denied all allegations.

Prosecutors allege that the retired fashion designer skinned the cats in her basement. The following is a photo of the woman wearing one of her fur coats:

fur coat made of cats

Investigators estimate that a total of 30 coats were required to make a single jacket. Additionally, they report that 20 skinned cats were found at the crime scene.

If found guilty, the unnamed woman could spend up to 18 months in prison.