(VIDEO): You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Watched ‘Cat Hospital,’ a Furry Soap Opera

Who hasn’t watched a soap opera in their lifetime? Most of us remember them from when we were little and took the day off from school. There was nothing else on television. Some of us never outgrew them, to be frankly honest.

This soap opera is different, however, and the only thing that is not genius about it is that the producers don’t have new episodes every week — not yet.

This new and addictive soap opera has the makings of a beautiful thing here: kitties wearing nurse’s caps, a drug-addled cat who is getting his fix from the hospital’s pharmacy, and Mr. Peterson, the cat who has six months to live but is only on his second life with seven more to go!

Sadly, this could be the only episode you’ll get to see of Cat Hospital. Mark Douglas, of Barely Productions and YouTube Space’s Field Day project, says he’ll only think about making more episodes on his own if the response to this video is positive.

We know you’d watch many, many episodes of Cat Hospital soap opera. What could be better entertainment than this at 2 am when you get home from your own life’s drama?

So, make sure you share this far and wide so that Douglas will be inspired to give us some more feline-centric drama with lots of plot twists and whisker-friendly turns.