Senior Cat Wouldn’t Stop Pawing At The Window Until She Found Her Forever Loving Home!

A 13-year-old cat that lived in a shelter ran up to her enclosure window at the mere sound of someone approaching to tap the window, looking for a bit of love and attention. She continued doing this hoping for someone to take her home. The cat, Sienna, was returned to cat sanctuary in Ringoes, New Jersey called the Tabby’s Place after the passing of her owner. She missed the life she knew which included affection and a human companion. She missed it so much that she sprung to life each time she heard someone coming to paw the window as they went by, hoping to catch their attention and in the process, their hearts too.

Senior cats like Sienna have a lot to offer. The longing she felt for her human prompted her to paw the window at everyone passing. When people approached to try and pet her, she pressed her body tightly against the window in an attempt to receive the love that was intended for her, begging to feel the loving touch. Her story was shared when sad, heartbreaking photos of this were circulated in hopes of her finding a family that would give her the much craved family she deserved.

Sienna Finds Her New Human 

Terri read about the sad black and white cat and knew there was only one thing that she could do in this situation; she had to go to the sanctuary and pick up the new member of her family. When arriving at the enclosure, Sienna reacted in the same way she had a million times before, all the while just loving and hoping while continuously pawing the window that stood between them. Terri’s hand met Sienna’s paw marking the end of the cat’s song and dance routine at the Tabby’s Place just for a bit of human contact.

And a Year After Her Much Needed Break From ‘Showbiz’… 

Sienna is now known as Chloe and is the queen of the house in every sense of the word. Since the day she went home, she hasn’t stopped purring and cuddling with Terri as often as she can. On days when Chloe needs a little extra TLC, Terri finds that she doesn’t get much done at all but she remarks that her girl is worth it. Even though she is a senior, Chloe still plays and acts like a kitten sometimes, still very young at heart. And when she sets her mind on something there is no changing it, like sitting in the clean towel bin for instance. She wanted to do it so she did.

She is of great ‘assistance’ around the kitchen and is the master of constructive criticism about Terri’s cooking. With a cat like her, Terri will never need an alarm clock again because she snuggles into the bed next to Terri each night and wakes her up with purrs and meows each morning. Chloe is 14 now and she has lived in her new home for a year where she is ecstatic and she receives all the hugs, cuddles and lap naps she could ever want.

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