WATCH: Baby Crawls Into a Cabinet, The Cat Locks Him In

For anyone who doesn’t think cats are super creatures, this 1-minute video will change your mind.

It’s from the America’s Funniest Videos Approved channel on YouTube, and the title above says it all. A little boy crawls into a kitchen cabinet as the family cat¬†watches. And as soon as the kid is inside, the cat leaps into action. It’s super fast, super cute, and super fun.

What’s even more amazing, when you think about it, is that it must have happened on more than one occasion for the child’s parent to be there and ready with the camera to catch it.¬†Another clue that this isn’t such an odd event, and a reassurance for those of you who may be worried about a baby being shut in a cabinet, is that the parent shooting the video obviously knows her little boy isn’t getting hurt. She calmly opens up the cabinet door after a few seconds, and the baby just looks at her as he crawls out like this is a normal part of crawling.

Since premiering “Cat shuts Baby Inside Cabinet” video has taken off, with more than a million views. It’s going all over Facebook this morning, so we’re thinking this might be the viral video of the day, if not the week. Check it out above.