Cat with Three Legs Tries to Use Its Missing Limb (VIDEO)

Amputation is a much more common procedure for pets than it once was.

Although it seems like it would be a drastic measure to amputate a cat’s leg, many felines continue to lead happy, healthy lives without any issues.

With a little time and adjustment, they are capable of doing everything a four-legged cat can do. They actually cope very well on just three legs, or even without a tail.

However, they may still suffer from phantom limb syndrome, where they feel the sensation of their missing limb.

In the video above, you’ll see a cat who tries to rely on its missing front leg to play with her owner’s dad.

I adopted this cat years ago when she already had three legs. Here my father was playing with her and for the first time in years we saw her act as though she was trying to use it.