The First Cat Convention Is Coming and It May Be the Greatest Event Ever

Cat lovers unite! The first ever CatConLA has just been announced, and will be taking place in downtown Los Angeles June 6th and 7th. Yes, you heard right, a day devoted to just us cat lovers.

I’ve had my cat Cuddles for 15 years, and sometimes we cat lovers can get a bad name just because we may be a little… um… obsessed. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Susan Michals, the creator of CatConLA, explained that she wants to change that stereotype.

“The idea behind it was to change the perception of how the cat lover is viewed,” said Michals. “When you say you’re into cats, people think ‘crazy cat lady.’ That’s not a bad thing per se — look at Taylor Swift — she’s the ultimate cat lady right now and proud of it. So CatConLA was really borne out of showing the world there’s people, products and pop culture activities out there that in essence, dispel the Grey Gardens / Eleanor Abernathy-dated persona. It’s a cat lovers paradise!”

If you’re planning to go, you’ll be able to see and buy cat merchandise, souvenirs and art. There will be activities that are all cat related, of course, and you may even get to pet and play with some famous felines! Sadly, we can’t bring our own cats to the convention, but we can adopt another one there. The Best Friends Animal Society will have little kitties up for adoption. And, let’s be honest, there is always room in our hearts for one more purring pet.

Michals estimates there will be about 10,000 people at the convention and tickets are $25 for one day and $40 for both days.

Sponsored by Rachel  Ray, Animal Planet, Pet Smart Charities, Ace Hotel, Modern Cat magazine and Purina, the two-day event will have catlebrity speakers like “Simon’s Cat” creator Simon Tofield and Mike Bridasky with Lil Bub. While this is the first CatConLA, Michals says there is definitely more catastic events planned for the future, “Bigger, better and more cat-centric adventures are in store!”

To get you ready and in the mood for CatConLA, we’ve put together a little slideshow of the cutest cats from CatConLA speaker’s Instagram, Cats of Instagram.