WATCH: A Caterpillar That Looks Like Donald Trump’s Comb-over

With Donald Trump’s announcement that he’s running for president, the jokes about his comb-over have been flying across the internet. They’re pretty easy jokes, but it was slightly surprising to stumble on this cute little critter, whose furry coat seems to resemble the business mogul’s mane.

It’s officially known as a Megalopyge opercularis, but more commonly called the flannel moth caterpillar. It seems cute, but according to it holds a pretty dangerous secret underneath that fluffy exterior.

Flannel moth caterpillar. The hairy caterpillar of a Peruvian species of flannel moth (family Megalo- pygidea). This caterpillar may look harmless but its hairs are coated with stinging poison that causes sudden inflammation and pain after contact with skin. The poison protects the caterpillar against predatory birds.

We got the video via the site Incredible Things, which says it came from photographer Jeff Cremer and biologist Phil Torres, who found this little guy in the Amazon rain forest. This is probably why it’s so big, whereas other specimens found on the web are much smaller, like a typical garden caterpillar.

Check out the “Caterpillar Donald Trump Hair Video” — just don’t get creeped out.

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