World’s Youngest Murderers to Be Released from Prison

Catherine and Curtis Jones were arrested in 1999 after murdering Sonya Nicole Speights, their father’s girlfriend.

The two who were only 12 and 13-years-old at the time were actually plotting to kill their father and another male relative who also lived with them at the time. The murder and plot were motivated by sexual abuse allegations.

According to News 4 JAX the situation was being investigated by the Department of Children and Families but was later closed.

It wasn’t until Catherine wrote in her journal “I’m gonna kill everybody,” that she told her brother of her plan. He agreed and together they mapped out how it would be done.

After they stole their father’s gun and shot Sonya, everyone else fled into the nearby woods.

Both brother and sister plead guilty to the crime and without a trial they became the world’s youngest murderers to be charged as adults for first-degree murder.

They were sentenced to 18 years in prison and a lifetime of probation.

In just one week they will both be released from jail. They will be forced to learn how to live life on their own for the first time.

Catherine, however, is going home to a man who reached out to her through an article that was written on their situation. They fell in love, and he has retired from the Navy to help her adapt to life outside of prison.

Her brother, Curtis, will be leaving jail as a 29-year-old man facing an unseen world for the first time ever.