9 Heartwarming Photos That Show The Power Of Pet Adoption!

It is of immeasurable value for a cat to be adopted when they have no place to call home. These feline wonders are hungry, lonely and oftentimes ill as they wander the streets and desperately need care and a little bit of love. Fortunately there are cat sanctuaries and shelters that take them in, care for them and love them, giving them a temporary haven until they find their forever homes. To see the difference adoption can make in the life of a cat, look at their appearance before and after adoption.

An example of such a success story is Scout. He looked kind of mangy when he was found but had gained some weight since he found a new owner who takes amazing care of him. He is now the epitome of health.

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There was a kitten too that was found in a box during a Shanghai rainstorm which turned him into a royal mess. He was wet, cold and utterly miserable but after he found a great family he is the king of the castle and he looks the part too.

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A cat in a cage has an obvious air of sadness surrounding it but that air soon disperses when a loving home is found where they are truly part of the family. Even the wildest kitty heart can be tamed by a loving touch and enough food. They can easily be turned from a hissing, spitting terror into a loving, playful companion.

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Kittens have an especially hard time of living in a cage and the freedom they get once they are adopted is thoroughly enjoyed and obviously appreciated. They will quickly take over your home and heart as if it was theirs to begin with.

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A well cared for cat will recover from bad experiences very fast and the kittens in these situations usually grow better at a new home than they do in a cage. Illnesses like eye infections can ruin their quality of life and these conditions cannot be treated if they are out on the streets. Having a loving family will ensure they get the much needed medical care to get them back to perfect health in no time.

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Mr. Biscuits is a ginger cat that got himself stuck in a broken down car somehow. He was found in a terrible state barely clinging to life. He had burn wounds and was covered in oil. After being cared for and cleaned properly he had a new lease on life and was hardly recognizable as the pitiful little guy that was pulled from the car.

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Kodama is a grey and white Persian that was found in a matted, unrecognizable ball that resembled a floor rag more than he did a cat. He was inside a box on that day but was shipped over to the U.S where he found a home filled with love. He is kept clean and dry these days and has turned out to be quite a handsome fellow.

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