Cats VS Dogs: Which is Cheaper to Own?

Chances are if you adopted a cat or dog they ended up costing a lot more than you thought. Unfortunately, pet owners rarely take into consideration money when adopting a pet. They’re looking for companionship, a member to add to the family.

But, just like the human members of your family, dogs and cats are extra mouths to feed, toys to buy, and medical care to provide for.

In honor of Responsible Pet Owners Month, we wanted to break down the annual costs of owning a cat or dog, with the prices courtesy of the ASPCA which did a price comparison.

Dogs easily came out to be the more expensive pet. For food, basic medical care and toys, dogs cost their owners between $580 to $875 annually, depending on their size.

Cats cost their owners about $670 annually for the same things.

The real price difference is seen when you add in training and grooming costs. The training and grooming for a dog will run you anywhere from $1314 to $1843 a year. Cats are only $1,035 a year for training and grooming.

This isn’t meant to discourage people from adopting a pet (quite the opposite!) but just to know upfront an approximation of costs to set aside for the year.

Cherie Wachter of the Humane Society of Broward County cautions potential pet owners to really examine the financial and physical lifetime responsibility of caring for a pet (they can live into their 20’s in human years).

Your local shelter or Humane Society can help match you up with the perfect pet!