Caught on Camera: D.C. Congresswoman Makes the Worst Parking Attempt You’ll Ever See

D.C. Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton was caught on camera attempting a terrible parking job—possibly the worst attempt at pulling into a space ever. Bystanders first noticed the situation go south when the 77-year-old delegate awkwardly scraped her vehicle into the red car in the neighboring parking space. They then watched in shock as she walked away—followed by an aide—seemingly without leaving any note.

The witnesses, who filmed a portion of the incident and submitted the video to Roll Call, said that the parking attempt lasted for ten whole minutes. Despite the fact that the parking space was wide-open, Norton steadfastly tried to park her vehicle perpendicular to the curb, instead of falling in line with the angled parked cars that lined the street.

“If she parks like that she should not be a member of Congress anymore,” said one of the bystanders.

Norton’s office has responded to the video, telling Roll Call in a statement:

“After the congresswoman parked her car, we assessed the cars on either side to see if there was any damage. We could not find any, but we left a note with a business card so the congresswoman could be contacted in case we missed any. The congresswoman heard from the owner of the car she was close enough to damage. The owner reported no damage.”