Caught on Camera: Panera Bread Manager Punches Female Employee in the Face and Doesn’t Get Arrested

WARNING: The video that accompanies this story contains graphic violence.

A disturbing altercation between a Panera Bread manager and his employee was caught on tape, and the footage is now circulating around the internet.  The graphic video shows a male manger in a Manhattan, New York, Panera Bread location punching a much smaller female employee in the face, PIX11 reported. The man is seen striking the woman not once, but twice.

The incident occurred in front of onlookers, who filmed the action.

According to reports from witnesses at the scene, the woman was trying to quit her job in the middle of a shift. Prior to the confrontation she was apparently physically thrown out of the store, but returned shortly thereafter.

That’s when the conflict started—tensions arose, and punches were thrown.

One witness told Gawker that the woman actually instigated the physical violence by throwing the first punch.

Gawker quoted the witness:

“You might wanna say she hit him first, but really he had FULL CONTROL over her the entire time, was throwing her around, I think she gets one slap in that was louder than it was painful.”

The New York Post reported that police did respond to the scene, but determined that the manager acted in self-defense.

Both the manager and the female employee were fired.

See the full video below.