Celebrities Who Aged Badly

This post features everything we hated about high school: Making fun of people because of their looks.

And, yet, it’s also one of the most popular slide shows on First to Know.

We know it’s not to create a post about celebrities who aged badly — we know that– because people age and as they do they tend to look different. But as the current media attention surrounding Renee Zellweger and Uma Thurman‘s (allegedly) new faces show, people are absolutely obsessed with how stars look.

Perhaps it’s because, in these celebs’ early life, they were the height of beauty and glam, so with this change in looks it’s a reminder that even the hotties end up like the rest of us as they age. Maybe it’s secretly delighting in those same hot, popular kids who made bad choices, like partying too, smoking or drinking too much, and now their physical forms are paying for all those fun nights out. Or, perhaps, it has to do with certain stars who choose to go under the knife to remain young looking, and end up jacking up their faces –proving that there is a cost to vanity.

Who can say? But from classic pinups to more contemporary stars, the slide show above features some of the major sufferers. Forgive us for enjoying the moment.

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