13 Celebrities Who’ve Gone Crazy

Each of the above stars have had their brush with “crazy” in one way or another. It’s true, each and every one of us human beings have our crazy moments and bizarre tendencies. It’s just that when you’re a star, the whole world gets to see their strangest moments and then chatter about their kookiness.

A prime example is Charlie Sheen who has struggled with  drug addiction. His disease has led him to do some mighty strange things. At one time, it was rumored he was spending $2,000 cocaine habit and $25,000 on female escorts per day. Today, he still has some funky moments — including the evening he showed up out of nowhere at a fast food restaurant and hung out at the drive through.

On the humanitarian front, Denis Rodman gets the crazy vote for his ignorance on North Korea. He blames alcohol for the majority of his strange behavior. but we’re still wondering if he considers himself Kim Jong Un’s buddy?

And then there are stars who have suffered from legitimate mental health problems. Margot Kidder, known most for her role as Lois Lane in Superman, was diagnosed with manic depression and disappeared for a bit. Also, Amanda Bynes suffered a similar mental breakdown and found herself institutionalized.

Finally, there’s the plain strange category that makes a superstar appear crazy. Justin Bieber falls nicely into this lot. It seems like there’s a new story breaking each week surrounding his poor decision making skills.