QUIZ: Which Celebrities Have Gone Under the Knife?

People often ask us about┬ácelebrities who have had plastic surgery — who they are, when they had it done, and if we can refer them to the celeb’s doctor in Beverly Hills. (Seriously, you’d be surprised how many times people ask us this one.) While we don’t know the answers to all these questions, we are always curious to know which famous faces have had a slight tuck or pull here and there.

So we were very excited when the New Birkdale Clinic out of the United Kingdom sent us this quiz. Check it out, and below the quiz is more information on the clinic itself.

The New Birkdale Clinic, which created this quiz, offers procedures for breasts, face, and other forms of cosmetic surgery, as well as laser hair removal, eye treatments and more. They also offer “The Beauty Room,” providing spa and beauty treatments.

According to their customers, they seem to be doing something right. From a recent survey, 97% of their customers rated The New Birkdale Clinic as Excellent (81%) and Very Good (16%). Those are hard some numbers to achieve.

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