13 Celebrities You Won’t Believe Smoke Pot

When it comes to cannabis, attitudes appear to be shifting and more celebrities than ever are admitting to smoking the ganja.

Source: 15 Celebrities Who Smoke Pot by firsttoknow on Rumble

Some are obvious–you don’t need anyone to tell you that Wiz Khalifa or Snoop Dogg (Lion? Zilla?) have puffed and passed–but there are plenty that might surprise you. We compiled a few of the ones we found most shocking. After all, who doesn’t want to imagine what Harrison Ford or Martha Stewart would be like after lighting up?

We bet she bakes one hell of a cake!

In the last week, Texas governer Rick Perry came out in support of the decriminalizing marijuana. Several state legislatures even have new propositions to decriminalize or legalize it. Perhaps the most notable is the state of New Hampshire, whose state legislature made history by being the first to pass a bill legalizing recreational marijuana.

Although most of these bills still have a long way to go, cannabis is in the news right now, and it’s an opportunity to learn a little bit more about our favorite (and in some cases, least favorite) celebrities.

Who knows, maybe these celebrities who smoke pot may one day wake up to find that their favorite drug is legal.