13 Celebrities with Bad Skin Problems That Will Surprise You

When we look at celebrities on TV, in movies, or gracing the covers of magazines, we sometimes forget that their physical beauty isn’t always skin deep. But that’s reality, and many famous people have admitted to having these physical flaws. Even supermodels like Tyra Banks and Cindy Crawford have discussed how their images are airbrushed to hide imperfections, and Crawford openly admitted to using various forms of minor cosmetic surgery over the years.

This got us wondering about how many celebrities with bad skin problems there may be out there. Which various famous faces, who we see almost every day in the media, are really hiding their flaws.

But we’re not looking them up for the reasons you’re probably thinking.

We didn’t want to create a post about jacked up jawlines just for the sake of making fun of these people. That’s too easy. Besides, we did that in our “celebrities with plastic surgery disasters” and “hot celebrities who look busted without makeup” posts. What we wanted to do here was find out who had suffered from bad acne as a child or adult, which glamorous ladies quietly handled their dark spots, or who had to hide their imperfect skin because they lived and worked in a world where physical perfection often outweighs everything else.

Why that approach? Because if they can work past their minor physical annoyances — in a world, remember, where beauty is everything — then you can too. This should give you some hope by putting things in perspective: When it comes to our skin, we all have good and bad days. Check out the 13 stars above, see what issues these popular celebrities with bad skin have dealt with, and how they’re really just like us.

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