14 Mega Celebrities with Massive Foreheads

Ever notice how many of your favorite stars have large foreheads? If this is new to you, you should definitely check out the above slideshow for 14 celebrities.

It’s important to notice that a “big” forehead doesn’t necessarily lead to lack of beauty or charm. In fact, according to “Learn Face Reading,” a high forehead usually signifies high intelligence, ambitiousness, and mental agility. It also indicates a higher probability that a person will enjoy a rich life, full of luck and wealth.

“Learn Face Reading,” also asserts that those with high foreheads usually possess mental agility and usually have a knack for seeing both sides of a question or argument.

It’s safe to say that the above stars have been noted for their beauty/handsomeness and are amazingly successfully. There must be something to those big foreheads!

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