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Celebrity Moms Who Smoke Pot Will Surprise You

It seems everyone is smoking pot these days except moms. Or maybe they are too, and we just don’t know about it. Honestly, we’re not sure what moms across America are doing when it comes to cannabis but we do know of some celebrity moms who love getting high. Some of them may surprise you, others not so much.

Whoopi Goldberg
Not only does Whoopi Goldberg smoke pot, but she’s now a columnist for The Cannabist. It was in her debut article that she admitted to having a love affair with her vape pen. Here she is…elevating.

Susan Sarandon
We all know and love Oscar award winner Susan Sarandon ever since Thelma & Louise, but we love her even more for being socially and politically active. The uber-progressive Sarandon not only admits to smoking pot, but she says she’s been high at every award ceremony she’s ever attended! Here she is looking like she’s just been toking.

Not only does Madonna still make music, but she doesn’t seem to grow old. What’s her secret? Probably all the yoga she does and…maybe all the herb she smokes? Do you remember when she dropped the F-bomb on the Late Show with David Letterman? She later admitted to Letterman himself that she was high when she made that mistake! Here she is with a big jay!

Martha Stewart
Yes, we know you’re thinking this must be some sort of mistake, but it’s not! We’re not sure if the domestic diva began toking before or after prison but we do know that she once commented on someone’s “sloppy work” in rolling a jay: She said she could roll a much better joint. We bet she can and with some frilly flower-print rolling paper to boot!

Melissa Etheridge
Remember when Etheridge was diagnosed with breast cancer? Well, that’s when she began using medical marijuana while going through chemotherapy. She seems to believe in scientific claims of cannabis’s tumor-fighting powers because she continues to smoke pot, especially before watching one of her favorite t.v shows, Game of Thrones.

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