5 Epic Celebrity On-Camera Gaffes and Freak Outs

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Transformers director Michael Bay is one of the most talked about directors in Hollywood, but a particularly embarrassing on-stage moment for him is one he probably wishes we would all forget.

Bay was at a Consumer Electronics Show convention in Las Vegas in January, where he was asked to help reveal and promote Samsung’s new curved screen TV. All was going well when the director started his bit, but then something went awry during the live Q&A section: the teleprompter apparently malfunctioned, which resulted in Bay making an unplanned and swift exit from the stage.

Whether it was a melt-down, a momentary anxiety attack or something else, we feel for Bay. Live presentations, especially those on such a huge scale, aren’t easy and can be nerve-wracking. However, the director isn’t the only person whose live gaffe, rant or freak-out has been recorded and preserved on the internet forever.

What other epic meltdowns have occurred in movie and TV history?

Bay needn’t feel too bad, because he is in the company of some well-known names on the list of celebrity on-camera gaffes and freak outs. Check them out above (or read about them below). We saved Michael Bay for the last slide.

Lily Tomlin

Lily Tomlin had it out for 2004’s “I Heart Huckabees” director David O. Russell when she freaked out and doled out one of the heartiest servings of the “F bombs” we’ve seen recorded in a long time, while shooting a car scene. Poor Dustin Hoffman, caught in the crossfire!

Aubrey Plaza

Actress Aubrey Plaza is no stranger to playing awkward and odd roles. However, when she crashed comedian Will Ferrell’s acceptance speech during MTV’s Movie Awards in 2013, the bizarre factor was through the roof. The seemingly intoxicated actress rushed up the stage, and in an unscripted moment tried to awkwardly wrestle the trophy out of Ferrell’s hand. She failed, returned to her seat and was later escorted out. 

Kanye West

One of rapper Kanye West’s most infamous moments occurred at MTV’s Video Music Awards in 2009 when he rushed the stage to interrupt singer Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for the Best Female Video award, but more recently he has been known for his meltdowns with the paparazzi.

Russell Brand

Comedian Russell Brand is never one to shy away from speaking his mind, which is exactly what he did during an interview on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe” interview. From brazenly hitting on the co-host, to yelling at the staffers in the background to work more quietly and even challenging the segments’ hosts professionalism, he went on a rant the way only Russell Brand can and viewers loved it. 

View the video of Bay’s embarrassing moment and 4 other celebrity on-camera gaffes and freak outs in the slideshow above!