Celebrity Parents: From Caring to Crazy

It seems every parent has his or her own unique parenting style, but as usual, celebrities are more “unique” than others. We thought it would be helpful, entertaining, and slightly-disturbing to look at some of the parenting techniques that celebrities use and then try to decide who’s caring and who’s crazy.

Will and Jada Pinket Smith with kidsWill and Jada Pinkett Smith

Let’s start with a Hollywood power couple. Now we’re a little torn on this one. They have two children, Jaden and Willow, and ever since those kids were born, their super-talented parents have been grooming them to be massive stars. So far, it’s worked. Jaden’s a box-office champ, starring in The Karate Kid remake, and Willow’s a pop star, hitting the charts “Whip My Hair.” It might be weird to turn your kids into celebrities, but hey, music and movies are the Smith’s family business, right? It sure beats working at your dad’s hardware store! We say let’s check back to see how these kids are doing in 20 years.
Judgement: Delayed

Alicia Silverstone chews food then spits it into baby's mouth.Alicia Silverstone

The Clueless star recently made headlines when she uploaded an Internet video in which she pre-chewed her then 10-month old son’s food and fed it into his mouth. It’s a process called premastication. Is it gross? Definitely. Is it effective? It depends who you ask. Proponents say that it allows young children to ingest carbohydrates and protein nutrients that are not always contained in breast milk. Meanwhile, detractors claim it can also transmit diseases and any bacteria lurking in the parent’s mouth. If you ask us, we always loved our mothers’ cooking, but personally, we think this is going a little too far.
Judgement: Kinda cuckoo.

Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik is a mom and authorMayim Bialik

Another star with a unique approach is also a star in The Big Bang Theory and Blossom. She made news when she became an advocate for attachment parenting, a philosophy that encourages parents to spend as much time connected to their children as possible. “Attachment parenting” has varying definitions, but most specialists recommend sleeping with your children every single night and breastfeeding them longer than usual—sometimes even into middle school! Look, if I had to choose right now between being breastfed until I was 10 or having my food pre-chewed by my mom, I think I’d never eat again.
Judgement: Good intentions, but still a little crazy.

Jessica Alba's company makes non-toxic products for babiesJessica Alba

Believe it or not, there are several celebrity parents who are pretty normal. One actress who has recently garnered a lot of positive attention is actress and mother-of-two Jessica Alba, the star of hit movies like The Fantastic Four and Valentine’s Day. Recently, Jessica co-founded Honest, a company that produces a complete line of non-toxic and eco-friendly family essentials—everything from diapers and wipes to bath and body care. This is important because, compared to adults, children are much more sensitive to some harmful chemicals normally found in baby products. In fact, Johnson & Johnson recently announced plans to remove all harmful chemicals from their products. For Jessica Alba, this was too little too late. She decided to start Honest as a way to provide parents with a company they could always trust. If there’s one thing we know for sure, that’s definitely not crazy.

Judgement: Caring! (Finally!)

If you want to find safe products for your child and want to hear more about the good work Honest is doing, you can check out the company’s website.