Skin Care Specialist Hires Neo-Nazi Hitman to Kill Hispanic Gay Rival

Dawn DaLuise, a celebrity skin specialist in Hollywood was arrested after allegedly trying to hire a white supremacist hitman to take out her business rival. DaLuise, who is famous for working with celebrities such as as Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Anniston, works in the same building as her rival.

According to a witness, the salon owner referred to her competitor, Gabriel Suarez, as a “double minority, Mexican gay.” Other witnesses testified DaLuise, who is 55-years-old, had contacted them to find information about hiring a neo-Nazi assassin to take Suarez out.

The bizarre case began a year ago when DaLuise complained that Suarez had been cyber-bullying her ever since he moved his salon to the same complex as her business.

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Detective Steven McCauley, who was assigned to work on the case, said he interviewed several men who told him DaLuise had contacted them to find an assassin to take out Suarez.

“In one instance … she asked (someone) if he could get her in contact with a white supremacist group,” he said, according to KTLA-TV.

After further investigation, it was found out DaLuise texted people to find a neo-Nazi hitman, but the task was never carried out. After her arrest, which occurred on March 5th, TMZ reported that she even contacted a former Detroit Lions player.

Suarez stated that he had no idea that his competitor despised him so much, since she would usually ignore him when they would see each other.

“It’s just really scary … the hate that this person could have toward somebody,” he told KTLA-TV.

The salon owner is being held at the L.A. County jail for $1 million bail. Her preliminary hearing started on Monday at the Los Angeles Supreme Court, where she plead not guilty for solicitation for murder.

DaLuise could face nine years in jail if found guilty.