Celine Dion’s Stunning Duet with a Goat

You’ve heard the joke, right?

Celine Dion walks into a bar. The bartender looks up and asks, “Oh, Celine, why the long face?”

And thus the horse jokes ensure. However, no one ever compared her to a goat. Until now.

To be clear, we love Celine Dion’s beautiful voice, and it comes through strikingly clear in her rendition of the classic ballad “All By Myself.” But when we saw the boys at Gay.net putting up this video, we knew there had to be something twistedly funny going on. And we were right.

They credit the video to Camille Bergeron, who paired Celine with “an unlikely duet partner for an unforgettable performance that will forever change the way you hear this particular song.” And with that, we bring you, a random video that will be a wonderful one-minute distraction for your regular work day.