Cerebral Palsy Artist Creates Breathtaking Paintings Using Only a Typewriter

He may be unable to hold a pencil or brush, or even to steady a camera long enough to capture a beautiful landscape, but Paul Smith still somehow manages to create hundreds of incredible works of art.

Smith suffers from a severe case of cerebral palsy, which affects a person’s posture, balance and ability to move, communicate, eat, sleep and learn. It’s often completely debilitating.

Currently residing at an Oregon nursing home called Rose Haven, he stays busy typing masterpieces on an old typewriter. He is an artist unlike any we have ever seen. His work is captivating. So far, he has keyed hundreds of priceless illustrations.

Everyone has a unique talent, something they can do better than anyone else in the entire world. Smith just so happens to be damn good at using a typewriter to do something we had no idea was even possible. Despite his disability, he lives in a complete flow of inventive creativity, joy and love.

His story goes to show you that a person’s determination can help them to overcome any obstacle that life puts in front of them.

Watch the video above to see this cerebral palsy artist in action.