‘Chairless Chair’ Will Let You Sit Down Literally Anywhere

Are you sick of standing? Us too.

Finally, the solution to this bane of modern existence has arrived in the form of an exoskeleton called the chairless chair. It’s a nearly invisible contraption that attaches using a belt and can be locked into place, allowing the wearer to sit comfortably virtually anywhere. When not locked into place, the exoskeleton stays in place, but the wearer can still walk and run normally.

The product was Keith Gunura, the 29 year-old CEO and co-founder of a Zurich-based Swiss startup called noonee. They say the invention could make workers who stand all day for their careers more productive.

“Once activated, the Chairless Chair uses a lightweight portable variable damper to engage and hold the users’ bodyweight, and thereby relieves the stress on leg muscles and joints,” the firm said. “By making the process of work more comfortable and by reducing the risk of exposure to muscle related disorders, employees will also work more efficiently and effectively. As a result, production levels will increase.”

The chair weighs, all told, only two kilograms, or nearly 4.5 pounds. Mark this as another thing we wish we had invented ourselves.

If you’re curious on the logistics of the chair, the Daily Mail provides this description of its functionality:

A belt secures the chairless chair to the hips, and straps wrap around the thighs.

A variable damper engages and supports the bodyweight, which is directed towards the heels of the shoes.

An alternate version works with any footwear and touches the ground only when in a stationary position.

The user just moves into the desired pose and then powers the device using a control button.

It currently runs for about 24 hours on a single 6V battery.