This Man Ran Towards a Deadly Shooter to Save Hundreds of Students

In February 2012, a student at Chardon High in Ohio wore a shirt with the word killer written across it, and that is exactly what he became. T.J. murdered three students and wounded three others in a rampage, but thanks to coach Frank Hall, it was only three.

Instead of running away from the fire and taking cover, Hall decided to do something not many would: He ran straight for the shooter. As the school went into lock down 17-year-old T.J. had ten rounds ready in his gun and was shooting at his fellow students.

Face to face with each other T.J. shot at Coach Hall, who was luckily able to hide behind a soda machine. Then the student fired at Nick Wassel, who is now paralyzed after the bullet hit his spine. Finally Hall was able to get the shooter out of the school and into the parking lot in 47 seconds.

It was at that moment that Hall headed back into the cafeteria where he waited with three wounded students for the ambulance, all three of those boys did not make it.

“They were still breathing. They were trying to fight. What was only a couple minutes seemed like forever waiting for the paramedics and law enforcement. It was tough,” Hall said.

Today, two and half years later, the Chardon High School shooting has become one of many. However, Frank Hall is not just another coach. He is still coaching football and has become known as a true hero.