Charged by the Mile? Vehicle Tax Gaining Momentum

You may have never heard of a vehicle miles traveled tax (VMT) but you will, and soon.

States are looking for a way to make up their tax revenues for future road and infrastructure work, and taxing you on how many miles you drive your car is the latest way they have come up to do so.

Joshua Schank, president and CEO of the ENO Center for Transportation in Washington, D.C. says implementation of the tax is still in the early stages, but drivers should prepare themselves to pay this fee over the next few years.

Residents of Washington who own an electric vehicle are already bracing themselves for an annual $100 fee (effective next month) to go toward the state’s road maintenance fund.

Oregon is also considering taxing high mileage vehicles in 2015 by per mile driven or a flat annual fee.

Why the car fees? Blame the recession (more people taking public transportation) and the popularity of hybrid vehicles which means less business for the gas stations.

Critics of the VMT tax are angrily calling out state governments on their promotion of hybrid vehicle owners, and then turning around and taxing them as a “hypocritical” act.

State governments are firing back that these owners are paying very little if anything to maintain state roads.

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