Father Discovers His Missing Son Is Alive on National TV

Charlie Bothuell, the 12-year-old boy from Detroit who had been missing since June 14, was just found alive and well in the basement of his father’s townhouse on Wednesday afternoon.

His father, Charlie Bothuell IV, said his son was last seen at his home before disappearing, and had no knowledge of where he could be.

The father underwent a polygraph test administered by the FBI, but the results came back inconclusive.

More than a week after the boy vanished, his father appeared on Nancy Grace seeking help to locate him. That’s when a report came in that Charlie had been found alive barricaded in the basement behind boxes and a five-gallon drum.

Behind the barricade, police stated that they found food and bedding. Detroit Police Chief James Craig doesn’t believe that the youngster built this makeshift hiding place all by himself.

“He indicated he was hungry … I saw evidence that there was food around where he was,” explained Craig.

Apparently, the boy was relieved to see the police. Craig said he has not ruled out the possibility that the boy’s family knew he was hiding in the basement.

Despite his family, police and cadaver dogs searching the entire property, including the basement, and not finding any trace of him, he shockingly turned up. Investigators are uncertain if he was in the basement the whole time he was reported missing.

Watch as Grace hounds the father with questions like, “How could your son be alive in your basement?”

Needless to say, his reaction to the news is truly priceless.

“I didn’t know,” he said about his son’s location after he was found. When questioned about the boy’s stepmother hiding his child in the basement, he called the remarks “absurd.”

“My wife wouldn’t do that,” he said.

After the police removed the boy from the house, he stayed with police overnight and underwent a medical evaluation.

Police are currently debriefing the boy.

Did the boy’s family stage the entire case simply for publicity?