Boyfriend Tricks Girlfriend into Thinking He Cheated – Her Reaction Is Priceless

One man’s mission to prank his girlfriend was a huge success after she freaked out big-time.

Jesse wanted to play the ultimate trick on his girlfriend Jenna, so he decided to trick her into thinking he’d cheated on her during a night out on the town.

He went out for a guys’ night, took tons of photos with random girls, then posted them to the internet. The next morning while still in bed Jesse accidentally starts a FaceTime call with Jenna. During their conversation, she notices that there is something strange in bed with her boyfriend – a woman.

Jesse keeps the joke going for over a minute and a half until he finally reveals that the “woman” in bed with him is actually a male friend in a wig.

See how the whole ‘cheating boyfriend’ prank plays out above.

Did he go too far? What would you do if your significant other pulled this stunt?