Chef Allegedly Kills & Cooks Transgender Girlfriend in Murder-Suicide

According to the Brisbane Times, 28-year-old chef Marcus Volke murdered his girlfriend, then proceeded to hack up her body and cook it on his kitchen stove before committing suicide by slitting his throat.

Residents of the complex tipped off police after reporting a foul “rotting meat” odor coming from their apartment in Brisbane, Australia, on Saturday.

When police attempted to enter the residence, they say that Volke ran from them, leaping over a balcony and taking his own life, as to not be held accountable for Mayang Prasetyo’s death. Volke’s body was found in a trash bin shortly after the pursuit.

The murder scene was grisly — police found some parts of Prasetyo’s dismembered body in a pot on the stove, and other bits in trash bags.

The Brisbane Courier-Mail reports that the couple, who supposedly met while working aboard an international cruise ship, were actually married, and that Volke recently visited the hospital claiming Prasetyo cut his hand.

Prasetyo was a well-known trans woman and high-end sex worker, who would charged up to $500 an hour for her services. The News Corp tabloid reported that she was marketing herself online as a “top high-class Asian shemale.” Although, police have not confirmed whether or not this was the reason she was killed.