Anchor’s Hilarious “Let It Go” Parody Will Make You Love Winter Again

A WGN Chicago anchor recently delivered what could be one of the most entertaining segments we’ve seen on a news show in a while.

Dan Ponce parodied “Let it go” from Disney’s animated film Frozen to encourage his fellow Chicago residents– who are understandably sick and tired of the cold weather — to, well, let it go.

The anchor’s take on the song celebrated the positive aspects of the chilly, snowy weather conditions; or at least persuaded listeners to not let the weather bum them out too much. From mentioning the icy dirty alleys to the many pot holes around the city, Ponce still insists he’s happy with the harsh winter and hopes his enthusiasm will rub off on them as well.

In all reality, the anchor was probably just trying to get some laughs and as far as we’re concerned, he succeeded.

From taking a jab at New York, to freaking out passersby, the song is thick with humor. As for the singing quality, we have to say we’re impressed. Ponce — who is also one of the founding members of a cappella group, Straight No Chaser — has some impressive vocal skills.

In case you haven’t heard the original song before, you can listen to it below. Then check out the hilarious “Let it go” parody in the clip above.