Chick-fil-A to Employees: These Commom Slang Words Are Banned at Work

A list of banned slang words has gone viral, thanks to a Reddit photo posted by a Chick-fil-A employee. The employee said that their manager, named Eric, got so fed up with the popular slang terms used by his staff that he banned them from his restaurant.

Chick fil A

The blacklisted words are prefaced by a note from Eric that reads:

“You will speak properly when you walk through these doors. These words are banned.” He finished the list by writing “you are a professional so speak professionally.”

According to the list, phrases like “on fleek”—meaning “on point”—, “bruh,” “fool,” “Felicia,” ”salty,” and “turn up,” are all unacceptable.

Abbreviated slang words also made the list. Notably the phrase “cuz”. Eric demands that employees use the actual word “cousin” or “because”—depending on context—instead of the three letter abbreviation.

Interestingly, using the phrase “Ebola” is also on the banned list because staff would accuse each other of having it at work—presumably if someone was feeling under the weather.

It seems that Eric’s employees are not terribly excited about the new restrictions, as at the top of the list someone tried to cross off one of the banned terms “Bae.”

The term was re-written again, with another note from Eric who threatened to stop offering employee meals should any other words be scratched out.