Woman Cracks Open Grocery Store Egg, Finds Developing Chicken Fetus Inside

Imagine breaking an egg into your frying pan one morning while making breakfast and instead of seeing the usual, you’re met with the sight of a chicken fetus.

That’s exactly the situation one college student found herself in recently.

Charlotte Sweenie  told The Tab of her discovery while making scrambled eggs one morning.

“I saw something in it and my friend joked saying ‘urgh it’s a fetus!’” she said “Then we spooned it out and it actually was. My vegetarian [room]mate was traumatized.”

While the fetus hadn’t developed fully, it was at a stage where it had taken on a shape and, as Charlotte described it “the legs were hard.”

Tesco, the grocery store from where she bought the eggs, heard about the incident is asking Charlotte to return the product to the store as they investigate the issue.