Shocked Mothers Watch Stranger Abduct Their Children Right in Front of Them (VIDEO)

YouTuber JoeySalads is usually out to prank strangers in public to generate laughs, but in the footage above, he focuses on a more serious issue.

This child abduction experiment is more than just prank. It’s a lesson for every parent out there, regardless of how often they tell their kids to stay away from strangers.

It’s a video that has the power to save lives, showing just how easy it is for a predator to snatch your child.

Although the women were all incredibly confident that they’ve warned their children about the dangers of abduction, they were shocked to see what happened.

All it took was a cute puppy to convince the youngsters to leave hand-in-hand with Joey.

We’re not sure if they thought he wasn’t a threat┬ábecause he was talking with their moms┬ábeforehand, but either way, we think every parent needs to watch this child abduction experiment.