Stranger Steps In After Mom Smacks Toddler In the Face with a Tablet, But Was It His Place?

After a Southern California man spotted a woman rough-handling a child in the parking lot of a Kohl’s, he grew concerned and got involved.

While stepping in to help a defenseless child from harm’s way isn’t something that anyone would argue against, some might wonder if this particular bystander’s actions were justified or if he was just getting involved where he didn’t belong.

The man, identified only by his first name, Edward, pulled out his cell phone and started recording the incident on his cell phone while the woman was unaware of what was going on. It wasn’t until she slapped the child in the face with a tablet that the man spoke up and the woman realized she was being recorded. After confronting her, he decided to send the footage to the DA’s office where it is currently being reviewed to determine whether or not the woman will be faced with any charges.

Do you think the man’s concern and subsequent actions which could potentially send the woman, who we assume is the child’s mom, to jail justified? Or do you think this was just a case of a mom trying to control her fussy kid and maybe the man’s allegations of child abuse are a little inflated?

Check out the video and decide for yourself.