WATCH: Mother Forces Daughter to Get Ears Pierced — Is This Child Abuse or Tough Love?

The above video is causing a huge stir throughout the nation. It features a little girl sitting in a chair about to get her ears pierced.

We’re guessing that the prospect of getting her ears pierced may have been exciting, but once she sits in the chair pure terror reigns. She pleads with her mother and the body piercer to stop.

Mom isn’t haven’t any of it. At one point, she mom holds the girl down and demands that she go through with it.

A man off-camera can be heard telling the girl that she’s “supposed to be a big girl.”

The right ear is eventually pierced after her mother holds her down. The second was done without the help of mom.

The question remains: Is this a case of child abuse, or  of a kid who needed force to help her live the dream of having pierced ears?

We’d love your thoughts on this.