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23 Television & Movie Characters from Our Childhood That Still Give Us Nightmares

There was something exceptional about ’80s and ’90s horror flicks and TV shows.

Whether it was the killer inanimate objects, rabies-afflicted pets, frightening clowns, evil witches or creepy dead guys, these classics are embedded within the darkest corners of our memories — triggering nightmares when we least expect it. RedRum, anyone?

We’re not quite sure why our parents let us watch such things as kids, wait, maybe it was because we begged them to let us stay up late in front of the television by saying that we wouldn’t come crawling into their bed at night trembling with fear.

Needless to say, we always ended up somewhere between mom and dad gripping tightly to our stuffed animals.

Even as adults, we still don’t like to let our feet dangle off the edge of the bed because we’re afraid a monster will reach up and grab us.

While some of our top picks aren’t necessarily from horror films or shows, they most certainly could have been!

Check out our list of childhood nightmares that still exist in the slideshow above.

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