Children Reunited with Mother Who was Sent to Jail for Killing Their Abusive Father

A mother in Kentucky was convicted of killing her husband in his sleep back in 2007. Now, nine years into her 18 year prison sentence, she has been pardoned and has finally been reunited with her beloved children.

Cheryl McCafferty was one of the 200 pardons recently granted this week by Governor Steve Beshear. Of those pardons, she was one of 10 women in the group who had been victims of domestic violence.

“Our prayers were answered on Monday night when we found out our mom had been pardoned,” her daughter Molly shared on Instagram. “She was finally coming home!”

Molly, and her brother Patrick said that it was a dream come true to finally have the family reunited once again.

McCafferty said her in testimony that she shot her husband, bob McCafferty, in self-defense, describing how hours before the shooting he had told her to ‘kill herself’ or else he would kill their children.

Her husband’s family has condemned the governor’s pardon, calling it disrespectful to Bob McCafferty’s memory and family.

Cheryl had been denied parole in 2011 after a case review and face-to-face interview with the Kentucky Parole Board.