Believe It or Not, Children Used to Cuddle Alligators at This California Park (PHOTOS)

In 1907, Francis Earnest and his partner, Joe “Alligator” Campbell, opened up an alligator farm in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles. It was called the California Alligator Farm.

It was situated right next door to their ostrich farm. Admission was only $0.25.

The farm was home to around 2,000 alligators, as well as a handful of other creatures, such as iguanas, turtles and snakes.

Visitors could choose between feeding the babies or watching the adults eat live chickens, wrestle with humans or perform a variety of tricks.

Some parents even allowed their children to ride around on a saddled gator around the park!

A promotional brochure described the park as:

One of the most novel and interesting sights in the world. Most stupendous aggregation ever exhibited. Here are to be seen hundreds of alligators of all sizes, from little babies, hardly the size of a lizard, up to huge monsters, 500 years old or more.

Alas, in 1953, that farm was moved to Buena Vista and later closed in 1984 after attendance dropped.
All Images: Los Angeles Public Library