City Gives ‘Eye for an Eye’ Sentence for Drivers Who Misuse High Beams

It happens all too often — you’re out for a late night drive, and you notice a pair of absurdly bright headlights in your rear-view mirror: Some inconsiderate jerk has his high-beams on, putting your very eyesight and, by extension, your life in danger.

Many drivers have long fantasized about punishing such rude motorists, and the Chinese city of Shenzhen finally put one of those punishment ideas into practice.

Shenzhen police introduced an “eye for an eye” punishment for drivers that misuse their headlights and nearly blind other drivers. The Shenzhen traffic police detailed this punishment in a social media post, saying anyone caught doing so will be forced to stare at the police’s own high-beam headlights for a full of five minutes.

The post, on Chinese Twitter-equivalent Sina Weibo, may seem like a joke, especially since it ends with a laughing emoticon, but it was accompanied by a photograph of that exact punishment. The photo, shown below, shows a man sitting in front of an empty police van with its lights on full. There’s even a police officer by his side, presumably to make sure he doesn’t try to turn away from his just desserts.


Later posts clarified that drivers who misuse high beams are also lectured on the proper use of headlights and charged a 300 yuan fine (approximately $40).

While we often might poke fun at China for being just a little bit crazy, we’re fully in support of this law this time. We hope the Shenzhen police keep meting out poetic justice like this.