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China Students Pay For Excessive Toilet Flushing

A university in China has come up with a rather unusual way of dealing with water shortages; they are giving each student a quota for toilet flushes.

Kunming Health Vocational College in Yunnan province has provided each student with an electronic card that gives them an allowance of 3000 litres (650 gallons) of water every month for the facilities on campus. They have to swipe the card every time they flush the toilet, and if they go over this limit they will have to pay an undisclosed amount.

Yunnan province has experienced its fair share of droughts in recent times, which China Daily reported was due to changing rainfall patterns, with experts stating things could get worse in the next 20 years or so. With this in mind, the quota system does seem like a rather logical solution, though some students have been voicing their concerns, particularly on Chinese microblogging site Weibo. Some suggest the new scheme is a waste of money, and will lead to students simply not flushing the toilets after use – with rather unappealing results.

However, other students feel the idea is reasonable considering the water shortages, and as one teacher from the university states, the monthly allowance should be “more than enough” for each student’s everyday use.

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