Chocolate Legos Are Now a Thing, for Everyone’s Inner Child

There seem to be Legos for everything. There seems to be chocolates shaped like everything. So it’s a wonder it took this long for chocolate Legos to come into existence.

First there was sliced bread, now there are chocolate Legos – a treat for your creativity as much as it is your sweet tooth. These chocolate building blocks were created by illustrator and designer Akihiro Mizuuchi, and yes, they are actually functional.

The off-brand Legos come in four chocolaty flavors. Mizuuchi made them by pouring a melted chocolate mix into precisely designed molds until they’d have time to cool. And voila, he had a product that would make any kid giddy with joy.

The blocks aren’t part of the official Lego brand, but with any luck, the company will recognize a million dollar idea and market the creation in toy stores across the country very soon. It may be hard for children to make anything with them, though, without indulging.

For now though, you can visit Mizuuchi’s site here or find similar products on Etsy, since we know you can’t wait to indulge. Scroll through the photos above for a glimpse at the chocolate Legos and how well they stack together, if you’re a skeptic.

What a world we’re living in.