He May Have Been Born Without Arms or Legs, but That Hasn’t Stopped Him from Achieving the Unthinkable

Chris Koch has been farming his entire life, except he has been doing it without any arms or legs.

Despite having what most people would think of as a serious disability, the 35-year-old hasn’t let his “limitations” stop him from achieving the unthinkable.

As a kid growing up in Canada, Koch’s parents raised him to be just like any other kid on the block. He learned to snowboard, gold, ski and even play the piano. Nothing was off limits, including traveling the world extensively and venturing off on a three-month solo trip to Europe where he cruised around the country on his skateboard.

Koch has earned degrees in history and psychology and clocked countless hours as a volunteer.

To say the least, he has done more than most able-bodied people could even consider accomplishing in their lifetime.

“Some people are ashamed of their freckles, some people are ashamed about that spare tire around their waist. They have big ears or a big nose or whatever…But If you’re worried about how you look, you’re cheating yourself out of opportunities,” he said

So, what can a farmer with no arms and no legs do? You’ll just have to watch the video above and find out.

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