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God Tells Christians to Open Up Cannabis Shop

The Canna Care dispensary and Crusaders for Patient Rights organization based in Sacramento, California, make up the joint non-denominational, Christian operation run by Bryan and Lanette Davies.

The Davies’ were first introduced to the benefits of medical cannabis when a doctor recommended it for their daughter, who was suffering from a bone disease, but while struggling to survive off of Social Security benefits, the couple began praying and asking God for guidance — that’s when they were told to set up shop in the neighborhood of Del Paso Heights.

“God told me to open up a cannabis shop,” said Bryan.

In what many folks are calling an unlikely and unorthodox form of Christian outreach, since 2005, the operation has been providing medicinal marijuana to those in need, and inviting customers to join in evening prayer circles. These prayer circles are frequented by those who have become angry with God after learning they only have a certain amount of time left to live.

Upon entering the shop, patrons are welcomed with free Bibles and pamphlets that go in detail about how to treat chronic pain with medical pot. The walls are decorated with crucifixes, American flags, “Don’t Tread on Me” paraphernalia and cannabis culture.

Recently, the couple faced a tax bill for nearly $875,000, which they have refused to pay because they feel their Christian-based business should be treated like any other legally operating company and not like drug traffickers.

How do you feel about people mixing ministry and marijuana?

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