Ciara’s New ‘Got Me Good’ Video Is a Dance Sensation

Hungering for a hot dance video? Then look no further than Ciara’s new release for “Got Me Good,” the second music video from her upcoming album One Woman Army.

Turns out, Thursday was the R&B singers 27th birthday, so she timed the release in honor of the event. But the gift isn’t for Ciara, it’s for her fans, because this is one heck of an amazing booty-shakin’ video.  In fact, it’s so flawless you’ll never know just how hard it was to shoot.

In an interview with MTV News, Ciara commented, “It was really hot — like burning hot. It was different, and I’ve never driven the way that I did in the video with [director] Joseph [Kahn] shooting the way that he did, and that was also really fun, and it made it feel very special.” And that feeling shows through, probably because of Ciara’s intentions behind the music.

“I just want people walking away feeling good,” she continued. “When they hear this song, I want them to be inspired and motivated to dance and be free and to love.”

Check out the video above. The album itself hits stores early next year.