4-Year-Old Boy Dies After Eating a Spice Everyone Keeps in the Kitchen (VIDEO)

Little four-year-old Matthew Radar was an adventurous boy. He loved to climb things, especially the kitchen counters.

While in the kitchen one day, he started to grab different spices his mom often cooked with. When got some cinnamon on his hands and decided to put it in his mouth, that’s when tragedy struck.

His mother, Brianna, found him coughing and choking, then he began having a seizure. Only two hours after arriving at the hospital, he was pronounced dead.

The cause of death? Cinnamon asphyxiation. Until now, cinnamon deaths have been unheard of–even despite countless people attempting the cinnamon challenge.

“He was completely healthy, no problems,” Brianna told WLEX.

She is sharing her heartbreaking story to let other parents know the dangers that lurk in their homes.