What a Texas Cleaning Company Does for Women with Cancer Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Cleaning for a Reason is a small cleaning company in Texas with a staff of women with big hearts.

Founder Debbie Sardone is famous for offering free house cleaning to women who suffer from any type of cancer whatsoever. The idea came to her after a client called to say that she could no longer afford cleaning services. When Sardone asked her why, she said she was battling cancer and couldn’t afford the help while undergoing treatment.

At that time, Sardone didn’t manage to hold onto the sick client’s contact info but the fact that this woman was suffering and probably had little help around the house haunted her. Soon after, she decided to help other women in the same situation.

In 2005, Sardone shared her story of how she came to offer free cleaning at a cleaning industry convention. Many other owners were touched by her story and showed interest in giving support as well. That’s when Sardone formed a non-profit organization.

Since 2006, Cleaning for A Reason has recruited over 1,200 maid services to donate free housecleaning to women who are undergoing treatment for cancer.They have so far cleaned for over 19,500 women – which in total would’ve cost somewhere around $5.5 million.

To many, Sardone is a heroine. Instead of worrying about keeping her house clean and tidy, many women undergoing chemotherapy can now just focus on healing instead.

If you’re interested in donating to this wonderful organization or if you know someone in Texas who needs these women’s help, check out their website by clicking here.