Google Must Pay Woman $2,250 For Showing Cleavage in Street View

Google must pay a woman $2,250 for invading her privacy by putting a photo of her on their popular street view service, which she claims shows “part of her breast exposed.” The photo in question the woman in question sitting outside her home in Montreal with cleavage exposed.

According to the decision, Maria Pia Grillo suffered shock and embarassment when she was browsing Google street view in 2009 and discovered the image of her leaning forward on her front stoop with visible cleavage. The image has since been blurred out, but the before and after versions can be seen below, courtesy of Journal de Montreal:


Although the original image, captured by one of Google’s street view cars, blurred out Grillo’s face, the court ruled there was enough information to identify her from the photo.

Two years after discovering the image, Grillo took legal action to force Google to blur the entire image, including her address and license plate number, and pay her $45,000 for emotional damage, including co-workers mocking her at her job.

Google agreed to blur out the image but initially rejected her demands for reparations, since she was in a public place. A judge, however, rejected this claim, saying being in a public place doesn’t mean a person forfeits their right to privacy, and ordered Google to pay Grill $2,250 plus interest.